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3-27X56 PMII High Power
3-27X56 PMII High Power

Schmidt & Bender® 3-27X56 PM II Rifle Scope w/Illuminated P4L fein Reticle.

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The 3-27x56 PM II High Power was developed as part of a USSOCOM request for shooting at extremely distant targets. With its unique 9x zoom, at 27x magnification it can provide excellent resolution for even the smallest targets at a great distance thanks for its brilliant optics.

Due to its great magnification range and well-engineered performance it is very popular among military/police units as well as long range hunters and competition shooters which are demanding the best of the best.

The Double Turn elevation turret is one of our most popular and sought-after turret designs.

The precise parallax compensation with an engraved meter index, is going as close as 10 m/11 yd until up to infinity.

The 3-27x56 PM II from Lazzeroni features the illuminated P4L fein reticle in the first focal plane, so that dot/hash mark spacing is accurate at all magnifications.

34mm rings are required for mounting.

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